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      What is Tattoofab ?

      Tattoofab, fab as in factory, fab as in fabulons, fabulous, fabulous. In short, a factory of unwise temporary tattoos for fabulous people, unless they are fabulous tattoos for unwise temporary people...!
      Temporary tattoos with designs that are sometimes naive and offbeat, often vintage, even poetic but also slightly regressive! Ephemeral tattoos with a nod to the decals of our Malabar years;

      For whom?
      Ephemeral tattoos for children, teenagers, adults and even grandmothers! Quality tattoos that are easy to remove for non-tattooed hipsters, for arty dandies, for envious women with changing desires;

      By whom?
      Parisian travellers who have tattooed the Parisian and New York tarmac with their Stan Smith trainers year after year, or maybe it's the tarmac that has tattooed them...
      A team of people with a passion for design, contemporary art, unusual illustrations, peanuts and Nutella, who wanted to create ephemeral tattoos by offering temporary tattoos to be worn like jewellery, like a fashion accessory, according to one's desires, mood and occasion.